Alexander Perechnev

A 33 years old senior iOS developer with 10+ years of experience.

These days I'm mostly focused on participating in chess tournaments, but I'm always ready to start working on any project if it helps me to reach my personal goals.

If your project is somehow related to chess, please contact me ASAP, – I'm sure I'm the person you're looking for. If it's not, just continue reading my résumé. It's a perfect chance to make a contact with a highly skilled software engineer.

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Key facts

The languages I speak: Russian 🇷🇺, English 🇬🇧, Spanish 🇪🇸, Serbian 🇷🇸.

Currently, I'm located in St. Petersburg, Russia and moving to Buenos Aires, Argentina in the nearest future.

Technologies: Objective-C Swift UIKit CoreData Foundation CocoaTouch Autolayout Grand Central Dispatch Unit Testing WebSockets TCP/IP JSON XML CoreAudio CoreLocation MapKit Artificial Intelligence Speech Recognition Image Recognition Push Notifications In-App Purchase CocoaPods Swift Package Manager SQLite and all the resting iOS SDK frameworks.

Libraries: MessageKit AFNetworking Alamofire Moya Starscream RxSwift Lottie Firebase and many others.

Side skills: C/C++ Assembler (x86, ARM, AVR) Python/Django Postgres MySQL MongoDB JavaScript HMTL CSS Bootstrap *nix Electronics Amazon AWS



BookBook (London, UK) App Store

An application that makes users able to find beauty services nearby and book them online.

I started working on this project by making hot fixes after the previous developer, then continued with implementing new features to make the app ready for publishing on the App Store. I also worked on the backend side in cooperation with other team members.

As a result, the company got a ready-to-use application which now could be downloaded from the App Store.

Swift MVVM Redux Coordinators RxSwift Moya Rest API JSON Lottie Firebase Analytics Python Django Postgres

ЯRus (Moscow, Russia) App Store

The fastest growing social network in Russia.

I was working in a tight cooperation with other iOS team members on such key features like feed, profile, videos, music, comments and reactions.

Swift UIKit VIPER Coordinators Rest API JSON Unit Testing

World Chess (Moscow, Russia) App Store

The official application for the World Chess Federation created by me from scratch.

For me it was a really interesting challenge to implement everything by myself – to compose the chess board, to describe the chess rules, to make users able to play online. And the most interesting part of the project was the fact that I had to optimize my code as much as possible! In other words, I was able to do everything I wasn't in And I committed a lot to the backend side of the project as well.

Now you can use this app to play chess and get the official FIDE rating online!

Swift UIKit MVVM RxSwift Unit Testing Web Socket Moya Rest API JSON Complex Algorithms Analytics Python Django Postgres
2019 (Palo Alto, California) App Store

The oldest and the most popular chess application on the App Store. If you're a chess player, I'm sure you have this app on your smartphone.

It was a really cool experience for me. This app gave me an excellent chance to focus more on chess. During the interview, I suggested a feature that I'd like to see in the app – the opening explorer, and fortunately the CEO gave me the green light to start working on it.

Say thanks to me, now you can analyse your openings right in your mobile phone. And it's really nice, isn't it?

Objective-C Swift UIKit Web Socket Rest API JSON Complex Algorithms

Ultimate Guitar (Kaliningrad, Russia) App Store

One of the most popular guitar applications on the App Store. If you like playing the guitar, you've definitely taken a look at this app at least once.

The team was really huge and it's a bit hard to describe everything I was working on. I mostly worked on displaying lyrics and chords, but also completed a few tasks that were related to sound processing and made some effort on the guitar tuning app as well.

Objective-C Swift MVVM Rest API JSON Unit Testing Sound Processing A/B Testing

Playneta (St. Petersburg, Russia) App Store

It's a gaming app, but it still works on the top of UIKit. Mostly popular in ex-USSR and Turkey.

By working on this project in a pair with another highly skilled developer, I have greatly improved my knowledge of how animations work in iOS.

As a result of our job, the company multiplied its income by a few times just in a year.

Swift UIKit MVC Web Socket Rest API JSON In-App Purchase Analytics A/B Testing

Top Digital (St. Petersburg, Russia) App Store

The very first company where I've gotten the position of the lead iOS developer. Apart of working on applications, I was coaching the other developers as well.

The key project I was working on was the official app for a toll-road in St. Petersburg, Russia. In addition to this app, the company also has gotten a few iOS developers who were growen up from junior to middle by me.

Swift UIKit Rest API JSON In-App Purchase Push Notifications

Clickout (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Objective-C UIKit Rest API JSON

Dino Systems (St. Petersburg, Russia)

JavaScript Appcelerator Titanium Rest API JSON Python CherryPy MongoDB

CityJam (St. Petersburg, Russia)

C/C++ Marmalade SDK OpenGL 3D Reverse Engineering UDP/IP

The apps I worked on

Not all the apps are still available on the App Store, but here you can find at least some of them.

What I'm looking for

As I mentioned before, I'm ready to work on any project that helps me to reach my personal goals. So now it's time to disclose them.

I need to be paid only in cash, cryptocurrency or any other way that makes me able to recieve payments regardless of where I am currently located.

Since I'm an active chess player, I need to be able to take as many days-off as I need. And as often as I need.

That's all. If you meet these expectations, you're on the top of my list. Let's discuss the details.

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